Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Bag of Taters

We got home on Sunday night and traveling went well.
Asher did throw up on the bus, narrowly missing the inside of my pants inside the bathroom on the bus. (another story for another day-but let's just say 'thank God that didn't happen')

The kids did amazingly well and we very nearly cried tears of joy when we saw the Blue Ridge Mountains on the horizon at sunset on the plane ride. I didn't know that we really love living here until we had been gone for nearly a month in the coldest place on earth, that we were so happy here!

We got picked up by our friend Kristen and her boyfriend Kyle who had an American flag ready to be draped around Matt's neck, had a posterboard declaring Matt to be "an American Hero", flowers for me and a slew of balloons for the kids. Everyone thought that Matt was returning from the Middle East fighting a war. Nope, just doing Single Ladies for a bunch a 16 year olds for Jesus.

So we get home to see that our yard had in fact turned into a jungle. And these few things were also waiting to be discovered:

just in case you forgot, we have NO KITCHEN.

But we do have a fridge, full of month old produce. Awesome.

Yes, that is my coffee maker. Apparently, this is from the coffee that we made when we LEFT FOR COLORADO.


And the obligatory sippy cup that you forget has just enough apple juice to make penicillin in a months time.

But I have found that this is no big deal.
I am really missing our community from North Asheville and I am having a hard time living in our new house in the summer. I don't even know where a POOL IS.

I don't have many close friends down here and instead since we've been home, we've been making the 30 minute trek to Windy Gap to see friends that are on assignment there and to see our friends in Weaverville because that has been more comfortable.

It's not what we have been called to and I need to learn to live down here in this part of town, but with my kitchen being a mess; I think I want to go away again.
It is really hard to find out that my bag of potatoes is really in my own heart and I just want to not be living where we are and I want my old life back again.

I miss my friends and how easy it was to be on assignment. It was fun to be around people all the time that were in the same place we were and loved to laugh and knew us. It is really hard to start over, even in your same town.

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