Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impossible To Choose My Favorites

Last night was again a GREAT NIGHT. The kids did amazing as did Matt and the program team. One hilarious story to tell you:

A special needs camper wandered into the middle of Tableau (which is a frozen scene involving all of the work crew and summer staff) and involved himself in the drama with the bad guy and the good guys. It was hilarious as EVERYONE was frozen, he wandered around playing guns with the bad guy. The bad guy comes in and does his scene (with this camper) and has to shoot a SHOTGUN, the camper involves himself when the scene "comes to life" and then sort of freezes momentarily until he wanders off. This camper does NOT TALK at all and has no communication skills. Just runs. So he ran off the scene.

The pictures are priceless as is the retelling of the story. I don't happen to have pictures of this as I was in charge of several other children, but trust me; it was REALLY REALLY FUNNY.

So we took about a million pictures last night and I might have to print all of them. I can't decide which ones are my favorites.

Asher is trying to act like Bubba Nubbins before the Opera.


Michelle said...

These are all great. Might I add that you look super pretty. I mean-really, really pretty.

leslie ruth said...

Oh my gosh, they're awesome. I think there's a wall somewhere in your house that is calling out for a black & white frontier-themed montage...

Buffy said...

The black and white one of you and Matt is awesome!