Friday, September 4, 2009

College Football is Here. Like it or Not.

Matt and I got to take a much needed date night and drove to Raleigh, NC last night to watch our beloved Gamecock's take on NC State last night in the very first college football game in ALL of college football.

Can you tell that we are little excited?
Matt is so fired up he doesn't want to stop for the camera.
And I can't stop my eyes from making crazy-wide-open-eyes face. Yay for pictures.

Here is Matt Williams attempting to tell my Big Man how the Gamecocks are going to go down. Ummm. It was a close game. But not that close.

The student section declared a "White-Out" for the game. Which is novel. Except that is what you use to erase mistakes. Is this this game? Or last season? Tough call.

Gamecocks scored a touchdown after their player fumbled on his first carry in two years after he battled injuries. You had to feel for the guy. Almost.

At least we were on the side of the field that we could see the flag waving. It held our Spirit's up as we saw Garnet and Black in a sea of Red and White.

The Williams were great hosts and we got to see a bunch of our high school friends who have now transitioned into "College Friends" and college friends who have now transitioned into "FRIENDS".
Well, at least once the game was over.

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