Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Made That

Last night I got a little crazy and decided to try my hand at making some bagels.
I found an easy recipe on the internet and went for it!
About two hours later, I had a dozen freshly made bagels! They are DELICIOUS! Way better than store bought, they give Panera a run for their money and are super cheap to make. It was very very fun to make them and felt great to smell bread baking in my house-it has been years since I have kneaded dough, and I loved it. Of course, I missed the high school football game because I underestimated the time required to take care of this project, but no big deal. I have bagels to show for it!

This is the recipe that I used: Making Bagels
The only deviation was that I added baking soda and honey to the water while boiling.


Michelle said...

Girl, you rock.

Anonymous said...

That Amy Noll you love so much has done much kneading of dough. She might give you a run for your money on bagels.