Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Golf Giveaway!

Asheville Young Life has entered a local contest to win a free Golf Tournament as a fundraiser, that they value at over $7,000. The main part of the contest is we need people to go to their website and send them an email requesting Young Life to win the Golf Giveaway.

If you help us to do this, we could win a golf tournament that could help us to raise a good portion of our budget that we are short every year at the end of the fiscal year.

Could you go to the Broadmoor Golf Links Website, then go to the bottom of it and click on the "Email" link? Fill out the form and request that Young Life win the Great Golf Giveaway!

Only one email can be submitted, so only do it once. And you ONLY have until September 9th to enter Young Life in the contest.



leslie ruth said...

Done! :)

MJG said...

Done and done, Les. Miss your face!

Chris said...

Done did that mess up.