Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been having a few problems with my Macbook this week. I decided to take it upon myself and fix it. Which I did. Awesome. Right?

Except that I ended up accidently deleting every picture that I took in July, August and so far in September because I thought I had backed up my photo library on my external hard drive. I double checked it. Then I deleted my photo library.

Then I went to rebuild it.
It was gone.
Dead and gone.

I am a bit shattered.
Especially because I had some great pictures from last weekend that I never got to send to anyone and they are GONE.
Also, my Amazing Race application with my sister is gone too.
Shellie, I swear...I am about to call you as soon as I get up to tell you.

At least it's only two and half months of photos.
So it could be worse. I guess.

Like Lucy having the flu and infecting the house.
Oh yeah, that happened today too.


Kayleigh and Megan said...

I've had a computer crash and lost a lot of my first two years of college (before fb posting blew up). I was heartbroken. Also, my cousin and I are going to apply for Amazing Race when she gets out of residency. Hope the family is doing well!

robin said...

shut. up.

Amy Noll said...

i am so sorry for your loss, seriously. this stinks. let me guess, you probably lost one of the 2 pictures we have together. this is tragic. but seriously, i am dreadfully sorry. eat some Julios. They guarentee happiness instantly.

Michelle said...

This is tragic. For sure. However, NO MATTER WHAT, we will re-do our AR video application.