Friday, September 25, 2009

Maybe It's the Socioligist in Me

Yes, I majored in Sociology.
My senior year in college, the sociology department put out a brochure entitled
"What CAN You DO With A Degree in SOCIOLOGY?"

Inside the brochure (and I am not making this up) it said in big BIG letters

I just spent three years working towards a useless degree. That's just perfect.

Same year; I had a professor tell us that sociologists had perfected a theory called the "I Knew It All Along Theory."
That meant that sociology was a field based on the idea that they were going to explore thoughts that people knew all along and just prove them right.

Like what makes a long distance dating relationship compelling and difficult is "absence makes the heart grow fonder" AND "out of sight, out of mind." Both are true. Both can be proven. I knew it all along.

What a great thing to get a degree in.
Anyway. I found this blog that uses sociology and social-physc thought processes in parenting and I find it really compelling. Cause I'm a nerd.
It gives me a lot of food for thought and I have liked it a lot lately.
Take a look!
Half Full: The Science for Raising Happy Kids I don't think that social science has the answers for raising happy kids, but I do think it has something to bring to the table!


Ed Eubanks said...

I love sociology-- I thought about changing my major to that.

I think that a lot of folks don't really know what sociology is. Do you remember Prof. Weinberger? (I think that was her name...) She had a great line on the first day of class: "Some people think that we are Socialists; others think that we are Social Workers. And while there are people who have studied Sociology who are both of those things, neither is equivalent."

Katie Haberstock said...

i love you!