Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Very Busy

I feel like when your kids are babies, you think to yourself...
life can't get any slower.
Then two years fly by.
And all of the sudden, I have two kids who are hilarious and keep me on my toes daily.

Somehow this summer has both been slow and fast simultaneously and I don't think that I have quite processed it.

We went to Lake Norman in Charlotte two weekend's ago for Brad and Leigh Bucklad's son's birthday party. Really it was a party for us. But there was cake involved for a one year old and that was good enough. Also, it was about the most beautiful house that I have ever been in. Humble and gorgeous all at the same time. How does someone manage that? It was a beautiful day and somehow, looking back at the feels like the last weekend of the summer.

And that makes me want to throw a fit.
But here are some of the pictures.

Happy Birthday Miles!

Can you tell that she is growing up right in front of you?
Something about that is so great and so sad all at the same time.

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