Saturday, September 26, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Yep, that's a kid sized helmet everybody. Awesome. Looks like we get to buy custom-sized head gear soon.

Asher started T-Ball last weekend with a YMCA league. It is great! They only play two innings, everybody bats, nobody gets out, the dad's stand in the field with them. It is just right for this age group.

The one thing they didn't hand out was tissues for Asher crying his face off at the first game.

He got scared when we got there. (Late of course) And he freaked. He didn't want to go stand out in the field because he didn't really know what to do and that intimidated him. So he cried. It's understandable. But maddening.

Thank goodness Matt was there to talk him down, and "sneak" him onto the field mid-inning. After that, he was pretty ok. Still had to be convinced to do everything, but I think that by the end of the game had bought into doing everything that was being asked of him.

He got warmed up and VERY into getting the ball. Which he never did. Next week.

Especially when the snacks were rolled out.

Just look at the thrill that is written all over his face! Hilarious shot.

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Michelle said...

Very cute! I love how he looks so adorable in the oversized helmet and jersey!