Friday, September 4, 2009

Marine Core Fitness Test

I just read this article on the Art of Manliness website (don't ask. Once you start clicking on the just takes you places!)

And it's an article about taking the Marine Core Fitness Test.
Ain't No WAY I'm gonna run 3 miles in 18-minutes.
But I am interested in seeing how I would do in everything else.

I will stink up the joint in pull-ups.
In college, my whole team went crazy when I got to seven.
Up from my one that I was very excited about my entire college career.

I've not done a single pull-up since except the diapers. On my kids that is.
Anybody willing to try it?
Post your results?
Eh? Crickets?
It's Labor Day Weekend. Put your body through some Labor this weekend!

Post the results here on Monday or Tuesday!


robin said...

have you lost your mind? that would call for physical exertion.

lesliesloan said...

I just finished.
23:30 on for three miles
80 sit ups
1 pull up

Which gives me about 147 points on the scale and puts me in the "second class" group.

Good news? I don't qualify to go to Afghanistan cause I can't do freaking pull-ups. Guess it's time to do some upperbody work.