Monday, September 14, 2009

What is there to Say?

I just got back last night from Women's Weekend at Windy Gap and can I just say...that next year all of you who read this who didn't come: must make plans to be there next year.

Need a little more something to entice you?
Here you go:

And of course, the Single Ladies:

Did you see Beyonce on the VMA's last night?
Matt was maybe the color of puce while watching it while I had a GIANT SMILE ON MY FACE the whole time.



ElizabethAnn said...

I was at the Women's weekend and LOVED it! Do you happen to have any videos of Jan and Jan during the meals?


Michelle said...

Wish I could've been there in person. The videos are so hysterical. I watched the Beyonce version of the Single Ladies first and then the B&G version....even funnier that way!

gooddog said...

so. how come jan and jan wore skirts over their leos? beyonce didn't. haha.

would we all look like her if we did those crazy moves over and over?

thanks for the fun post! love it!

leslie ruth said...

Why, why, WHY did I not come to this?! Next year, definitely.

Martha and Buffy are my new heroes. That is, until I see video footage of you and Robin :)