Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Wristband Night

Matt and I have had one night together in the last two weeks, so what do we choose to do with it?

Take the kids to the Mountain State Fair of course!

We started out at the animals.

Doesn't this look like a cow version of Slappy the Weiner Dog? Weird...

Our state fair is A LOT like the story of Charlotte's Web (which is one of the only reasons why I love it) and so the animals are a must visit part of the fair.

We spent the entire time convincing the kids that this was the coolest part of the fair and NOT the cotton candy or the toys that were hanging enticingly just outside of the animal section.

After the animal section, we moved onto the "I need to get my camera out" section:

My favorite part of this picture? The "metal hands" in the background.

It's always comforting to see this guy is still around...18 years after Vanilla Ice.

No comment, except in all fairness:
The Pig Ears are courtesy of Texas Pete at the Pig Races.

And well...we stayed here all night.
So we hunkered down and let the kids ride all the rides they wanted. Which meant five rides.
The first one was the Bee Ride.

They were so excited!

Until about 12 seconds into the ride, when Asher started to lose it cause the Bee went up AND down. This was horrifying to him and caused everyone to have their ride cut short by about three minutes.

All was redeemed by the car ride.
And then the motorcycle ride.
But for some reason, I had a hard time trusting the reliability of this one:
Take the time to notice BOTH words
Throw caution to the wind mom! Everyone else has!

A bite of cotton candy and a light saber ended the night. But we had to hide the cotton candy or else we were never going to hear the end of it, so Matt hid it in his shirt. (We still didn't hear the end of it)
Yes, we totally got ripped off by the light saber.
It was close to broken before we even made it home.
It's always fun to see how much your kids can cry before bedtime after you spend that much money in one single night.


Amy Noll said...

just like you said. hilarious.

robin said...

oh wow. i need to hear more.

Beth and Chris Maslin said...

Did you pay a quarter to see the world's largest steer? I did two years ago. So worth it.

Michelle said...

I just laughed so hard at the first pic of the kids on the bee ride. I have one (somewhere, God only knows where) of my kids with the exact same expression. Priceless. We went to a similar fair about a week ago and I made Pat ride on the ferris wheel with Peter because I'm scared to death of them. The two of them were stuck on that ride for over 20 minutes. I'm not even kidding. I almost wet my pants laughing from the safety of the ground.